Primal Meat CSA

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Each box is handcrafted for those who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and supporting local business and farms.

Large - 2 boxes - auto-renews $90.00 Price:
Regular- 1 box - auto-renews $50.00 Price:
Delivery frequency
: Bi-Weekly

Primal Meat CSA provides meats from local farmers, personally chosen recipes, local and artisan products, as well as selected ingredients. Each box is $50 and generously serves 2 people with some leftovers. For larger families, you can select the large size, which will give you 2 boxes at a 10% discount. Each box will contain at least 3 meats, but could contain more based on the contents of the box that week. Meats included in the box could be beef, pork, chicken, and/or lamb.

    The Pendulum Fine MeatsĀ® Store brings our retail store to your door. Our handcrafted, house-made products are made with integrity in the heart of Ghent. We also source well-made products from the region and beyond that align with our vision of artisanal, small-scale and sustainable production methods.

Please order or cancel prior to the closing of the order deadline- Saturday prior to delivery.